Monday, April 17, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #180 - Chainsaw Driver

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  1. (I repost this here since I only posted it on the Patreon)

    I think you were talking about Icewind Dale. Yeah I will play them (I still need to finish BG2) but I dont need the enhanced editions yet. I am not sure if I said this, but I do prefer Quake 1 over 2. The Lovecraftian elements are cool too, and yeah the mods were great. There was a Xmen mod out there, that was even sold! I also remember those CDs, I had one for Red Alert 1. Good times, I would mess around with the units with an ini file on there. I remember also Demo CD's, not so much discs. I do remember copying games and stuff to them, good times indeed. Doom was 3 discs I believe. When you mentioned Q-Basic, that was the greatest, I remember we learned a bit in the computer class. We got a weird Worms/Scorched earth clone with monkeys. Remember that? Ill repost this comment on the sites, more for tradition then anyting, once it is there. I hope we can play something, maybe TF1 or Doom for old times sake. Whatever happened to the UT99? Need to check the group. We should do it, Im all for it. Even Jerry could join, lol! My comfortable shoe game is probably Majesty, Scrim or Mount and Blade. Or something turn based like Xcom. Thanks for making these podcasts man Peace man!