Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #170 - Hurdy Gurdy

Two 30 minute sessions I have been sitting on plus the failbag. TCR returns for 4 more weeks.

Download the episode from the podomatic page.


  1. 1. Friendly reminder, you skipped all of ep168 comments that are on The Next Round website. I gave my Swinglevision report on the notion of Future Proofing

    2. Stop asking Cendoo to do your archiving. He is a good guy who tends to flake on things like that since I sent you all those mp3s already. As your master historian(tm)...or internet stalker pending how you look at it, I have all your released mp3s on the hard drive and backed up on DVD. Show me how to combine files to a page and I'll upload them for you. Or you can do it yourself since you don't need to add all the info and it'll take less than 2 minutes to do that, but I'm willing to do it since I enjoyed your work because of them getting uploaded to

    3. I really wish GOG can stick with their promotions. I know partially it is the publishers who are in charge of things like GOG Connect, but gosh darn it, they haven't added anything else to that Mount & Blade+Stalker promo where they were providing GOG copies of games if someone owned the game and could provide a cd-key. Overall, it is weird they keep doing cool things that gives them no money and costs additional money to provide bandwidth. They should have done discount coupons with stuff like that and at least be sensible as a business. They seem to be like a company that runs on good vibrations and not in dollars or whatever juju word they call their currency.

    I rarely buy anything from there because I'm cheap and rather buy 4 Steam rentals off bundle sites, but when I do, their curation is questionable on good games and I hate how all their sales are the same 70% off. 70% off of too high makes it tolerable after comparing the cost to get a used CD shipped to the house. And it is still scum tactics to not be transparent with what version of a game people are getting when they buy it there. They keep releasing games and not saying if it is DOS Box or the Windows version, if a SNES emulator or a Genesis (like with the recent Disney games). That kind of crap should stop. /end rant

  2. 4. For the Steam sales, i think the fact that they add so much awful to their marketplace, causes the illusion that the sale is garbage. Also, their search function sucks for finding games, which their curation was supposed to do, but that became 'advertising already popular games', which you'd experience that feeling if you have done their 'look at 30 games to get trading cards' special during the Winter and Summer sales. Quite literally, the last Summer sale we experienced had 13 pages of games under 50 cents and 40 pages of games under a dollar. Very few are going to slog through that level of poop to find the hidden gems in that price bracket, and even if you use their tag filters like RPG, that still requires a lot of investigation to determine if you want that game. Culling should be done is pretty much my mindset. Having over 8 thousand games is awesome for a marketplace, but awful for the user experience when barely 2,000 of them are great.

  3. The man with the velvet voice returns! I hear you about Gran Turismo, I can't think of a more joy-less genre than a racing sim, holy shit. I remember just watching a guy play it one time and all I could think about was which window to jump out of to end my life. However I recently put a ton of hours in to an arcade style racing game in The Crew and it was some of the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time.

    Also, I'm pretty sure you have Terraria, what are your thoughts on it, I've been scanning Amazon for cheap games and it looks interesting.

  4. My cousin plays a ton of Assets Corsa, and he says it is pretty much the best sim racer out there. He even uses a steering wheel controller. I kinda got burned out with buying games, and rather play the games I got. I agree with Swingle that there is a lot of "bundlefoder" crap, that I stop playing after 5 minutes. Finding good games, becomes a chore, the more games you got. Question of the week: What is it that you look for in a game nowadays? For the Deathmug of Doom broski!!! 😀