Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #172 - Raspberry Die

This week, the destruction of a Raspberry Pi. Getting tired of Pokemon Go. Dead Space. Awesome Chiptunes. Join us on Tiger Claw Radio!

Download the episode from the podomatic page.


  1. 1. @ minute 50: How dare with the idea of a co-host when you've shown several times you don't really want one. I remember with TCR 130, you were feeling burnt out on recording podcasts and I offered to co-host if that is what you needed to keep the program weekly.

    My experience so far is you don't have a consistent schedule that you can record due to variables like your family. Honestly, it is your family causing the lack of a co-host and that isn't a bad thing for you, just bad for the podcast you want to keep active with a potential co-host.

    2. (DON'T READ ON AIR): You and Vintage would be the most boring podcast of all time. He drains the energy out of every conversation I've heard in podcast form and takes forever to get to his point when talking. Also he uses Neuro Linguistic Programming when he talks, whether he is aware of it or not. I'm not even sure he is human at this point in time.

    2. @ minute 64: CF dying of boredom from Linux talk. The yawns were a good touch, even if not intended.

    3. @ minute 73: I would recommend setting the award date for 9/11, so no one will forget the winners of the event. Might be too soon for you to get that done.

    4. I don't publish podcasts as much I used to because I prefer to release either something of high quality or something I feel is important to talk about. The problem I have with that mindset is I often say my piece during TNR Podcasts. Pretty much I need to pretend what I have to say is important, even if the rest of the world disagrees based on how most react to me. #ForeverCryingInside

    5. Dead Space has a metric ton of DLC, DLC not included in the PC version. It is all skins and 1 overpowered upgrade for the mining laser that makes it practically Baby Mode. Source after checking Google to confirm my memory(11 dlc skin packs with weapon upgrades in each one):

    6. @ minute 49: Based on my ability to translate noise to context, when the Cartridge Bros said Sega wasn't as bad, it means they do takedown content, but not as often. The Streets Of Rage Remake competed with their Virtual Sales of the first 3 and got the proper C&D. Only thing I need to learn before ripping the fangame a new one is if they notified Sega first and got a response before continuing to create and advertise the project.

    As a counter point to you ragging on Sega, Phantasy Star Online Servers don't get takedown notices, and that game has several sequels where they want people to play the new game. It mainly depends on how active a legal team is for each company, because there is too much content made that doesn't belong to a fan.

  2. My podcast well has been running low so I went over to the Tiger Claw Radio archive and randomly listened to an episode from I want to ballpark at around late 2011, it featured you, Jerry Terrifying, Shintai, and Retro Kaiser, it was a fun episode to listen to.

    In that episode you do some shit talking about the Nintendo 3DS, what is your opinion on the console now 5 years later?

  3. 7. This time on Swinglevision, Alex boldly goes where most bundle hoarders dare not; PayPal. Anywho, about 2 years ago, I made an effort to count how much I spent at each bundle site and on GOG+Gamersgate. The database was out of date until now and the amount of money I've spent is a little bit high compared to my previous lifestyle of maybe $30 all year on games. The total doesn't go over your $10 a weekly allowance, so I'm happy about that in regards to the absurd numbers I'm about to share.

    Over 4 years, I spent $1,323.18 for 3700 unique game titles, 2800 are on Steam, 1800 music albums, 213 Android games and gifted 200 games to friends. I think I did well and I plan on not buying nearly as much as I have been. For example, last 2 years accounted for $400. I went a little hog wild at the start because I wanted to get extra copies of a bundle for multiplayer games.

    I thought you'd find interest in seeing this. Thoughts?