Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio Episode 160 - Mimiga Enraged

This week on the show, discussing Cave Story, running a game server on the Raspberry Pi 2, What to do with that old computer? All this and more on TCR 160. Come and hang out!

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  1. Avast, me Failure, for I have a booty filled with backlog comments I've been meaning to post!

    1. When I'm not jacking off to your voice via the podcast, I tend to play podcasts from my loyal and impervious Coby MP600 so I can rewind in case I didn't hear some bits clearly. I like to give podcasts my full attention or close to it to fully appreciate the effort made in their creation. Same applies to music/tv/movies/things with noise and why I can get annoyed when I'm hearing something awful to my quality tastes during a social event.

    2. In reference to the DoA2 Cast: You aren't having fun recording the podcast? I better go make a video that CF doesn't enjoy doing podcasts anymore. I tease, I tease.

    I liked that recording quite a bit. Anytime I get to hear the candid thoughts of CF-chan warms the cockles of my heart. Also, you mentioned new things like some of the games you played and left out some games to the previous recording, so it wasn't a complete 1:1 repeat. More like a dark and edgy interpretation of a classic.

    3.With Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, you were essentially playing the Master Doom levels of Supreme Commander. They are made with you knowing what you are doing with the kid gloves off while Dawn of War does their best to ease you into multiplayer while having a decent story to boot. If you still haven't tried it, give the original a try and let me know if it still confusing.

    Also, I recommend staying with only the original Dawn Of War. The expansions add a bunch of annoying things to watch out for and I feel is very stale with how to use an army. Try them if you got them, but I suggest not becoming a master pro with the multiplayer. The Orks are the best because their truks are the first to the fight.

    4. With the SpyHunter challenge, will you be keeping with tradition and letting us know your top score before starting the event? I remember you did that before so people had a bar to strive for when competing, plus I wanna know in case I need to get a full hour run with any game you wanna try a high score challenge. I'm nervous with Darabka competing because as we all know, he likes a good challenge and he'll be a try hard, for sure.

  2. 5. I think your numbers for a Mumble server were exaggerated compare to the numbers often seen with the current server. As I understand from the Mumble wiki, having the usual suspects of Kaiser, Darabka, you, and me at once and an average of 1-2 people talking such as each of other interrupting each other as we tend to do, the max use is 378 kbit per second. That bit part is important because that is 48 kilobytes per second, or 2.8 Mbs per minute. In short, it would be 172 mega bytes per hour of constant chat with 2 people constantly talking.

    We don't use Mumble 24 hours a day, so it would be feasible to host your own server, but you don't need to feel compelled to do so. I just wanted to show the math so you had a more accurate representation of what you would be using. At most it would 4gb a day with 4 people using it the entire 24 hours, a pittance of the 252gb-900gb per day you mentioned on the podcast.

  3. First of all, HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!

    I fast forwarded to the High Score Challenge out of anticipation but then went back and listened to the entire show. I can kind of see Vintage arguing about, why did his bananas ring up for 25 cents, when the sign clearly states they are 23 cents, but Vintage is a legend, so it's alright if he wants to "big league" us.

    My Spy Hunter High Score Was: 008990

    The reason I didn't do better, is because I wanted some of the younger talent on the Tiger Claw roster to get over.

    The getting a bumper from Fiverr is great advice, I checked them out a couple of months ago, but couldn't decided if I wanted a smooth black man voice over or a sexy European broad voice over. But it's awesome that such a service exists.

    Nice beefy episode, good stuff.

  4. For Spy Hunter, I reached 71,065 points. I would have gotten more points, but the game was already tedious after 2 minutes into that run. You don't get points for taking out the black cars that want to kill you and your point meter stops when destroying a civie's car, so the score is how long can you last.

    I initially thought I did get points for the black cars, but I noticed no increase unless I shot at them directly and even then, it is close to 100 points, so they are barely a factor. Still, thanks for inviting us to the challenge. It was accepted and hopefully satisfied to your liking.

  5. I like the old PC usage ideas, would be cool to know how those experiments go.

    Need to play more cave story for sure.

    I am rendering my Spyhunter High Score Challenge entry as I type this, it will be posted here soon.