Monday, March 28, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #163 - Fire Edition

Discussing the Bubble Bobble Challenge, The game of the Week, R.C. Pro Am, Linux and my new build. Join me for this weeks TCR!

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  1. 1. My brother Andy sprained my toe by doing what is called in backyard wrasslin, the toe lock, named after Ken Shamrock's ankle lock. I was 8 at the time and got the awesome benefit of watching Magic Secrets Revealed on Fox for the 3 days I couldn't walk. I don't remember if I legit couldn't walk, but it was really painful moving that toe and I bet if they gave me a brace I would have been fine.....BUT, 3 days off of school is pretty sweet.

    Showing my lack of knowledge for wrestling at the time, I called Kurt Angle a poser for using the same move, even though it is actually a common submission finisher. And now you know, the rest of the story.

  2. Metal Gear is a series that I want to sink my teeth into one of these days. I played a bit of the NES version, and since you say Snakes Revenge has levels like Impossible Mission Ill try that too. Im exited to try out MGS on the PSX. The Playstation is a system I want to play more games, since I hear how many good games it has. Especsially RPG's.

    RC Pro Am has been always a fun game concept. I may have played the C64 version of it, or a
    similar game, either way it has been a blast. My cousin who owned the C64 and Amiga was a big car nut, so he had pretty much all the racing games. I do like some on occasion, but isnt one of the choosen game genres for sure. Speaking of what your top five chosen game genres be? I think mine would be:
    1 RPG's
    2 FPS
    3 Beatemups
    4 Adventure Games
    5 Plattformers

    Anway that is all, my Rollerball entry will follow soon, keep up the good work broski!

  3. Yeah the way you say it does make sense. I do love Pinball Dreams alot, I played that alot on my cousins Amiga. Steel Wheel is my all time favorite table, and I would recommend you playing that one at first.

  4. Its really cool that you have been playing D&D with your son. There are multiple RPG systems specifically for younger kids. Here is the link to one of them

  5. Pre-Work Rollerball Fun.


    Video has two runs in it. First run sucked, just didn't feel like editing it out. Second (Starts around the 13 minute mark) is the one that matters. Nowhere near my personal best, but still pretty damn good. Enjoy the soothing sounds of Saint Pepsi for a hour of Video Pinball.

    Yeah... about the unlisted stuff, my subs apparently don't like my game videos (For whatever reason). So I'll probably just dump these score attack videos on a alternate youtube channel eventually.

    Anyway keep up the good work "CF". Been enjoying this recent run of shows, glad you seem to be enjoying it too. Looking forward to seeing your new "Panzer" myself one of these days.

    PS. Loved your D&D story.

  6. You mentioned previously that you wondered what people did while listening to a podcast, well while listening to this episode of Tiger Claw Radio, I made the perfect batch of deviled eggs, I think it was about 10% me and 90% TCR that did the trick!

    I love virtual pinball games, but surprise surprise I blow ass at them, so I'll aim for the high score, but unless Saga Saga's computer blows up from maxing out the game, I don't think I have much of a chance.

    And just to leave on a down note, the reason you haven't seen Own Hart in any more wrestling games is because at the ironically named 1999 pay-per-view "Over The Edge" he accidentally plummeted to the ring from the rafters, dying moments later. His entrance at the time was to be lowered to the ring and the equipment had malfunctioned.

    Ahmed Johnson on the other hand, he just sucked, we wore like 17 knee pads to the ring. You don't need 17 knee pads!!