Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beastcast 57 - Fantastic Four will be in the MCU

I talk about how shit the last Craptastic Four movie was and why this is a good thing for the MCU. Download after the bump.

Listen to it here.


  1. This podcast is awesome, but it ain't no review of Bubble Ghost! :D

  2. I need to DL and listen to this one, so Spidey & the Fantastic Four are now in the Marvel Universe, you must have finally sold your soul to the devil.

  3. Woah, for a second there I thought you were about to talk smack about my waifu Olivia Munn, I was about to un-like, un-comment,and un-subscribe! Olivia Munn is such a babe and I think she is going to look smoking hot as Psylocke, I am a little worried though because she is a terrible actress and I know we are all a bunch of grandfathers over here at The Next Round, but she is no spring chicken as far as the long haul goes.

    I am just going to say it, changing a character's race is dumb, that's pretty much it.

    I never really got on the Jessica Alba bang wagon back in the mid-2000's and would have chosen someone else too. I saw the first Fantastic Four movie, I am scared to watch the last 2, but I do plan on watching the latest one purely for da lulz.

    I am excited for Spider-Man being in the Marvel universe, but after 13 years of terrible Spider-Man movies (sans the Bone Saw scene from Spider-Man 1) I kind of want to see Miles Morales, I mean if I have to stare at Aunt May's leathery face on the big scene one more time, I am going to lose it!!

    I give you credit for sticking with all of these franchises for so long, I am started to get burned out, although I am most looking forward to the Supergirl TV series and the Deadpool movie, for some reason I feel like those won't suck.