Saturday, September 6, 2014

Album Review: Momoiro Clover Z - Moon Pride (Sailor Moon Crystal Theme) CD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack (2014)

Hey folks, Kaiser here and I just got something exciting in the mail that I thought I'd give my thoughts on. The item I got (if you haven't read the title by now) was a CD released by a band called "Momoiro Clover Z", while this is the first time that I've ever heard of this band (although I may have heard their work before and have not noticed it) I didn't get it because of the band but more for the show it was promoting. The reason why I got this was because this CD is a single of the theme song of the latest Sailor Moon series: "Sailor Moon Crystal (2014)". As my friends, family, and some fans know, I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan so I couldn't help but to raid my wallet and pay the crazy price of $25 for this item. My impressions of this item can be read after the jump. (Click "Read More" to read the full article).

This single has four tracks with the second half of this single being instrumental versions of the first two tracks. The first song is titled "Moon Pride" and I really dig the sound of this song. Vocally this song uses "Power Pop" and instrumentally it has a style that sounds similar to "Power Metal" and they sound absolutely awesome together. The vocals sounded good and does make you feel powerful and warm at the same time. Toward the second half of the song we have a bunch of guitar solos that are just simply rockin' and make you feel more powerful (can't be a Sailor Moon theme without guitar solos).

The second track is sadly a song I can not understand the title to as it is written in Japanese (who says we're not honest here at TNR HQ?). The sound of this song is straight up Power Pop with symphonized instruments that give this song a much cooled down vibe. I also really enjoyed this tune as it gives me a feeling of watching a show end only to be very excited for watching the next episode when it airs in a week. It also makes me feel a little nostalgic and takes me back to the time of watching anime on "Cartoon Network's Toonami" and on "Fox Kids" as well.

The instrumental versions of the songs were also really good but I much rather listen to the songs with vocals included. As a whole these are song good tunes and work very well and while it won't replace the original theme from the first season (although that's a bar that's near impossible to top) I will rank this song as second place when it comes to Sailor Moon theme songs. These songs are worth checking out and putting into your play list on your music device.

I didn't only get this single for the songs alone as this release also comes with a bonus Blu-Ray disc with the music video to "Moon Pride" in all it's glorious 1080p HD picture and crystal clear sound (no pun intended with the "crystal" part). The music video was as I expected it to be as it was a music video with dramatic shots of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask with the Sailor Scouts transformations at the end. The art in this video looks super clean to where I could see my reflection in it but I am a little mixed on the look. I do not mind that it has designs based on the manga versions but I did find the 3D models to look a little awkward as if they were from a cut-scene of a video game. I'm sure the art-style will grown on me as jumping from the old animated series to this is a huge jump in style like going from the old 80's episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the 2000's episodes and then the 2010's episodes.

One really neat thing about the Blu-Ray disc is that it is region free so that means you can play it on any Blu-Ray Player in any country this World has to offer. Overall this was a really neat item but only get the physical edition if you are a hardcore fan or if you are interested in the Blu-Ray disc. If you want this for the music you should just buy this single digitally. I'm personally glad that I own this item for my collection.

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