Monday, September 8, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #127 - Anarchy and Myst

Welcome to episode 127 of Tiger Claw Radio. This week on the podcast, Anarchy Arcade, The Myst Board Game, and the possible return of City of Heroes!

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  1. Great episode man. Feels like the good old days. The fact that Altitude is free is awesome. Ill schedule a DMS event for sometime later this month. RPG's can get annoying I agree; get back to it when you feel like it. Ill check out Hammer, I’ll keep the Beastbar simple, and then work on it. Thanks for talking about the Myst board-game, it sounds it would be fun. One day I want to play the D&D arcade collection on Steam with and Kaiser in Anarchy Arcade multiplayer. I’m excited for the possibility for City of Heroes returning in one form or the other. Skimming the article it’s amazing how many fan projects and support have come from this. I knew about the debacle with Marvel, and as much as I am a fan, I cannot stand at times their idiotic business practices. The fact that they co-own the word "Superhero" with DC. It’s ludicrous, how the two biggest superhero comic book companies insist on eliminating the competition, or making it very hard to do so. Thankfully it hasn’t stopped other companies for the most part, but I guess it has stopped City of Heroes. Marvels reasoning for the suit was that you could make characters closely resemble Marvel characters. This is definitely one of those "Biggest Bullshit in Bullshit History" kind of moments. The truth was they saw how much money it was making and they wanted to make their own game, and decided to eliminate the competition. Then cryptic started to make "Marvel Universe Online". Marvel then pulled out, for whatever reason. Cryptic continued making the game after they got the license for the classic superhero themed tabletop RPG called "Champions" and we got that game. Champions is okay, but I always like City of Heroes more. This was my MMO of choice, the one I paid a monthly subscription at one point, the one I had the most fun with. I really hope it does return in some form or fashion. Ill finish this with a quote of your own making, „jumping over rocks!" ;)

  2. Cheers on letting me know about the movies section on GOG, I've been after a few of those. That VHS doco makes me a bit pissy as I am a huge fan of collecting VHS tapes and I'll never EVER be asked to be apart of one of those documentaries. Yes I am that egotistical but so what.