Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back To The Podcast Episode 2 - We've Got Holes To Fill

Welcome back, Back To The Podcast. A show for cinefiles and movie lovers of all ages.

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Show Notes

00:00:34 Opening / Making Films
00:01:54 Der Medicus / The Physician
00:03:33 Dude, where's my Cherry 2000?
00:06:29 Somethink Wild
00:09:00 Time Travel Failure! - Looper
00:11:21 GET OFF MY LAND....BOOM! - Orc Wars
00:16:27 Filling Holes With Intelligence! - Dopamine
00:22:26 Fantastic Planet
00:28:15 I SIT ON THE TOILET! - Let's talk about CG Animated Films
00:33:36 Michael Hates FROZEN!?!?!?! And more Disny / CG Animated Films Talk
00:36:10 The Problems of CG Animated Films And There Predictable Formulas
00:38:47 It's Dynamite Disney Fun LOL - The Rescuers 1&2
00:40:36 Is The Sheriff Of Nottingham Really EVIL? - Robin Hood Talk

Let's Talk About New Movie Trailers

00:43:16 Heroes Are Not born, They're Created! - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
00:56:08 THIS IS THE ARK!!! - Noah
00:59:29 Please, We Need You To Hope Again - X-Men Days Of Future Past

01:04:39 How Many Marvel Cinematic Universes Are There?
01:07:48 Wouldn't A Defenders Of The Earth Movie Be So Cool?
01:12:23 The Robocop Connection! Joel Kinnaman
01:14:20 Let's talk about movie revivals
01:16:20 Poor Mans Star Wars
01:20:07 Star Wars Changed Cinema
01:22:36 Irvin Kershner Robocop 2
01:30:33 Mesa Jar-Jar Binks, Mesa Wants you to Punch me in the Face, Okeeday? - Let's Talk About The New Trilogy
01:34:37 Shia LaBeouf Controversy
01:37:31 Random Star Wars S**t! - Harrison Ford, Alternative Star Wars Casting!, Tom Selleck As Han Solo? And Of Course Mark Hamill
01:42:11 It's Lonely Out In Space - Life After Star Trek, Shut Up Wesley!, Star Trek TNG Film Series
01:47:27 Hey babylon five is a lot like Star Trek Deep Space 9, BUT Way BETTER!
01:50:10 Getting Jiggy In The Holodeck
01:51:41 Very Old Films + Neglect = kABOOM!!!!
01:52:46 Please Be Kind And Rewind - The Girlfriend From Hell, A Nymphoid Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell, Galaxy Destroyer, The Keep
01:57:48 Action Hero Fighter - What Happned To The Cool Film Box Art?
01:59:13 Let's Wrap Things Up - Films We Are Looking Forward To

Music Featured in this podcast

Back To The Future - Theme Tune
Dopamine - Car On A Bridge
Fantastic Planet
Disney's Frozen - Let It Go
I Move On - Sintel's Song
Rocket Man Sung By William Shatner
Babylon Five Intro

Hosted By

Michael Smith
Shawn Vegvari

1 comment:

  1. I'm about an hour in and wanted to mention the Noah story you guys were talking about. I see the movie as an interpretation on the real events that relate to the one told in the Bible. Now real is subjective, but I mean there were probably people who thought he was a madman and how Noah was able to get all those trees, .etc .etc. Looking at the story seriously could be a neat idea.

    I do agree it is too over the top for my tastes and probably won't see it.