Friday, April 18, 2014

Beastcast 49 - Game of Beasts

WARNING!!!! We discuss Major MAJOR SPOILERS about the latest Game of Thrones episodes, Captain America:the Winter Soldier and Agents of Shield. Watch those before listening to this. You have been warned!!!

In the longest Beastcast sofar, Lucifers Laywers and me sit down and chat about the latest in Game of Thrones, Captain America the Winter Soldier, Agents of Shield and lots of other stuff.

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  1. You freakin' nerds! At hour 4 minute 30, you actually use a March Madness bracker of super-hero movies? #Beastpoints

    Also, Lord Of The Rings was successful because it had 60 years of pop culture reference and D&D keeping it alive during the 1970s through 90s. There are a ton of boring parts in the main trilogy. Wheel Of Time can be a movie per book like Harry Potter because Wheel Of Time was written like a play. Easily a third of each book was exposition that wouldn't need to be described through moving pictures. #ThugLife #Yeah,ISaidIt

  2. Brady had an awesome idea, we may do it again one day. You have gotten the first official Beastpont good sir!

    Lord of the Rings is great, but there are definetly some more boring parts about it. Wheel of Time would work well, and I hope with Game of Thrones being such a succsess Hollywood execs are open to the idea. Id love to see movies based on RA Salvatores Demonwars Saga and his Drizzt novels. How about a good Dragonlance movie? (yes there is a shitty animated one). There is a new D&D movie in the works tough, so one can hope.