Monday, February 5, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #220 - The Hot Sauce Disgrace

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  1. Sorry about not posting comments, been kinda down lately. I'm happy you are recovering from your surgery, take care of yourself broski. Ikaruga is hard as hell for sure. Tyrian 2000 and Elemental Master are my favorite vertical schooters. Bomberman is a good choice for couch coop with a more casual friend. That and Worms. I'm still really pumped that you tried the famiclone cart I gave you. Might need to get a famiclone cabaple machine myself. I have been on a Fallout kick myself, played through the third and second game. E Honda was always very cheap for sure. I played the fog version of Carmageddon recently, it has some lag issues, but it still playable. Still a great game. Question of the week: What gog game do you have bit haven't played yet? Take care broski!