Monday, February 19, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #222 - How could they do this to KOF?


  1. *Sending transmission from Beast Base to the Panzer*:
    (Sorry gotta remove Cringe particles ;) )
    I wanna get into romhacks more eventually. I fooled around with them a bit, but I haven't sunk my teeth into any yet.

    The anon depression question spoke to me. Since I have chronic depression myself, I thought about what games calm me down or bring a smile to my face. Its pretty much retrogames in general, any game I know already. Sometimes easier games can be fun too, like playing MAME games with as many coins as you want. Since Superman the movie (the one from 1978) is a childhood favorite of mine, I enjoy playing the arcade scrolling beatemup/shooter hybrid game based on Superman, also because it features the iconic John Williams score. Playing certain JRPG's can be chill too like I recently played through Lufia 2 while listeining to podcasts. Majesty is a good candidate too. Then again playing old Nintendo or C64 games can be a real nostalgia boost too, I gotta do that too again. Im happy you chose to talk about this topic CF, thanks broski.

    PS: I am installing KOF and see if I can make it work with my logitech. Ill keep you posted.

    Question of the Beast:
    What is a game you play when you get sick of a harder/frustating game and just want to chill?
    For me it would be Mame Beatemups, Majesty, Skyrim and some others.

    Anyway take care broski!
    For the Deathmug of DOOOOM!!!

    *transmission end*

  2. Update to KOF 2002:
    I could make Joy to key work with my logitech gamepad (including the directional keys). But it always assigns the gamepad as Player 2 and keyboard player one. Also it would activate all the buttons for both players. Once I beat literly myself ( ;) ), I could fight the CPU as Player 2 just fine. However for no reason whatsoever after some fights player 1 appeared again. I needed to unplug the gamepad and just play with the keyboard (which is unchangeable as you said) to play a normal player 1 singleplayer game. Joy to key kinda works, but kind of not. This port is one of the shittiest emulation ports I have played. Download Mame or a NeoGeo Emulator get the rom and you are golden. Set up the controller of your choice. Uninstall the GOG version and forget that is in your library.