Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Beastcast 64 - The Drunk Episode

Yeah I was drunk in this one. It is a bit of a downer of a episode, have fun!

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)


  1. I appreci- no, I think you're sweet too, Darabka-chan. #NoHomo

    As a member of the Gaming Beast Fan Club, I would be hella sad over the ending of Beast Casts. I know this recording was from Earth 4's Gaming Beast so the podcast ain't going nowhere, but that dude needs a pick me up. Maybe 2,000 hours in Might and Magic 5 will do the trick. :)

    1. Make it 3000 hours and we got a deal. I talked to Earth 4 GB and he thanks you for his kind words.

      You are a bro Swingle-chan, arrigato! :)

  2. Shawn, you really have to stop being so hard on yourself, we are all here because you are a righteous dude, I'm serious. I am going to fly over to Germany and give you a Stone Cold Stunner and drink all of your beer if you don't!!!

    Haha, yeah I am so sick of Iron Man, Tony Stark is just a non stop douche, I need some humility in my heroes. Spidey in a high tech suit was kind of cool though.

    My first video game encounter that I remember was that video I uploaded like 2 years ago where I am playing Super Mario Bros XMAS of 88'. I thought the Mario Bros were trash men because I thought the pipes were trash cans, good times.

    <3 Death Adder