Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Beastcast 64 - The Drunk Episode

Yeah I was drunk in this one. It is a bit of a downer of a episode, have fun!

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)


  1. I appreci- no, I think you're sweet too, Darabka-chan. #NoHomo

    As a member of the Gaming Beast Fan Club, I would be hella sad over the ending of Beast Casts. I know this recording was from Earth 4's Gaming Beast so the podcast ain't going nowhere, but that dude needs a pick me up. Maybe 2,000 hours in Might and Magic 5 will do the trick. :)

    1. Make it 3000 hours and we got a deal. I talked to Earth 4 GB and he thanks you for his kind words.

      You are a bro Swingle-chan, arrigato! :)

  2. Shawn, you really have to stop being so hard on yourself, we are all here because you are a righteous dude, I'm serious. I am going to fly over to Germany and give you a Stone Cold Stunner and drink all of your beer if you don't!!!

    Haha, yeah I am so sick of Iron Man, Tony Stark is just a non stop douche, I need some humility in my heroes. Spidey in a high tech suit was kind of cool though.

    My first video game encounter that I remember was that video I uploaded like 2 years ago where I am playing Super Mario Bros XMAS of 88'. I thought the Mario Bros were trash men because I thought the pipes were trash cans, good times.

    <3 Death Adder

    1. Thank you Deathadder, your words are too kind. I have some projects in the pipeleine in various stages of completion.

      You are always invited here. Im sure you will love it here, and you can have all the beer to fill the Death Chalice!

      I like that story of you playing Mario Bros. Also remember that video, it reminded me of me and my bro playing the NES for the first time. Like when we got Empire Strikes back for christmas, and heard Obi One say "Luke" with the shitty voice sampling. Back then that was magical.

      MAy the force be with you brother and to the Deathmug of Doom! XOXOXO Gaming Beast!