Monday, November 20, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #210 - Bonus Level Bonanza


  1. TCR 210:
    1. @ Minute 10: I would say no game won Game Of The Year, even if the requirement is simply being released in 2017. Super Mario Odyssey, Shadow Of Mordor 2, Zelda's Breath Of The Wild, Nier: Automata (lol to even suggest that), I can not even begin to suggest they are amazing games for Stage 1 Spectrum Warriors. If stage 2 and beyond, Mario wins all day, every day.

    As a whole, I've been disenchanted with modern AAA games (ones done in the last 5 years, not just PS3 and onward). I suspect it has everything to do with me becoming self-aware as a gamer and the Humble Monthly teaching me that the latest craze on Steam is not that amazing.

    2. @Minute 17: Windwaker is only good if you are not self aware as a gamer. There is an obscene amount of backtracking and searching into the void for something you didn't know you needed when playing that game. That and the story encouraged me to not play the game. It's worst than Zelda 2! (make mouth sounds of rapidly firing guns) Truths fired.

    3. @Minute 41: Buying 125 bundles from the bundleverse would be better than any nostalgic based dumb idea you're thinking. Then again, this advice is coming from the dude who spent nearly $300 on Skylander toys because they looked cool and were 90% off retail price. Most will be resold, but the fact remains that I bought dolls to look pretty on my shelf.

    To answer the actual question: Turbografix so you can be that guy who collects things but don't play. I have a model 1 Genesis just for that reason. I sincerely don't want to go back to that console because I've had my fill of all the games I wanted to play on that system, yet I bought it for $10 at a Goodwill with no means to turn it on. It just sits on my shelf, looking pretty. I don't think you'll get $125 worth of value playing In The Hunt. It's a decent arcade game for sure, but you shouldn't pay more than $10 based on the gameplay I've seen.


    1. 4. @Minute 65: Auction compared to Fixed Price in regards to buying expensive games on eBay: I find great humor seeing videogame auctions on eBay. Even more so, seeing eBay recommend auctions to people who will get ripped off by putting an auction up at the $1 price tag. An auction is done for price discovery. Retro video games do not need price discovery because the sector as a whole is at a speculation trend. That means the majority of people are buying and hoarding just to see if the value goes up and the people who legitimately want the products have to talk to their Wife Mom to see if their allowance will cover it.

      No sane person is buying any of these games at the prices demanded by sellers. Sure, games that are $30 or less, but when we are talking $60 for a JRPG game like .Hack game, only single people or dudes who are filthy rich from working in the Tech field will buy them. I know this as being a game seller, my expensive stuff doesn't sell fast and when they do, the address label is usually Silicon Valley, New York, Arizona or Washington. Aka, all the areas flooded with nerds.

      Just forget auction prices because the only time you'll have a chance is when the person selling the item does a bad job describing their item, or forgets to mention the expensive games in a lot and you see it in the photos. And finally, the penalties for refusing to ship an auction is almost non-existent now. If you get Earthbound for $1+shipping, someone can declare the item is missing, get a strike, and continue selling. If they get banned, all they need to do is make a new Paypal and eBay account and can continue selling. Aka, no real penalty. I've been robbed a few dozen times that way.

      Essentially, don't get your hopes up in sniping an expensive game. It can happen, but the odds of it arriving at your house is rarer than winning the auction at this moment in time. Modern games are way more affordable and should be your real passion as you noticed with PS1+2 games. I recently bought 10 games I was legit interested in for $3 a piece at GameStop of all places. All bargain basement prices for average games, but you get the point.

      5. @Minute 74: (Being able to handle dungeon crawls): No, you can handle them because you have stage 3 tism. I have a tism chart and you match that to a T. It includes your white blob face as an example. But yeah, overall I agree games like that are fun in a puzzle mindset. If you wish to see the chart, it explains a lot and goes up to tier 6, also known as the screeching stage.