Monday, November 13, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #209 - Fishin for Games

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  1. In your previous podcast you mentioned Altered Beast. I can't deny my love for the game, as I won the Mega Drive version and a Tshirt, lol. It is pretty much a tech demo, showing that it can port arcade originals close to the original, that was something the NES was far from at the time (the Snes was not released yet). To me it is a fun beat em up, with a weird setting, and the unique (for the time) powerup system. It is more nostalgia then anything, but I remember me and my friend playing it on his his Genesis, and we did beat it eventually with no cheats. I would guess the Master System one is inferior, but having it would still be cool. Fantasy Star is fun but a bit repetetive, I would recommend having the dungeon maps on your smarthpone while you play, it will save you some headaches. The dungeons even at their worst are not that bad, mapping them on graphpaper is possible. You mentioned trophy games, and I pretty much agree, I mostly want a game to play it. Maybe that is why I almost never watch collector channels (exept Jerrys and BitHeads) since they often never play the game. It is often just about owning it and not playing it. Im more about playing the games then owning the plastic box they are in, I have some and want to get some more, but I wont pay that much money to just own a rare game. There is so many ways to play older games these days, so it is possible to enjoy all of the ones you want. Still there is something about swapping the cartridge, and having that original. Im kind of undecided is what I am saying.

    Question of the Beast:
    Have you thought about getting multi console machines like the upcoming Polymega or the Retrofreak, that feature many of the classics and the Turbo Graphics? I am thinking about getting the Retrofreak. I know Swingle is scoffing as he reads this, but is the rasberry pie a cheaper and better option? Still I feel like having a machine that emulates the games, so I can play my NTSC cartriges might be worth it, even if they are Android emulation machines (altough the Polymega claims to do "Hybrid Emulation").