Monday, February 1, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #157

Massive snow on the east coast, Contra Rom Hacks, Dawn of War. Let's do this.

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EDIT: This has been fixed. Sorry for the delay everyone!

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  1. I also have gotten into the original Dawn of War and played it through and have been playing the first expansion Winter Assault and the Multiplayer with Swingle and our common friend Juvae. We should play also, maybe some coop. The game does a great job easing the player into the concepts of the game for sure, I totally agree. That romhack sounded cool, I remember reading about a romhack where they used Final Fantasy 2 and made into a NES version of Final Fantasy 7. What I really like about romhacking is translated roms for games that didnt get a US release. I played many games that were great. Those take sometimes years to complete since those are total fan projects, for obvious reasons. Im gonna check out the Forums again, hell that is where I met you and the others like Kaiser, Cendoo and the others. Thats where Tarl Igot was born, because I remember you wanted to run the game but then said you couldnt, and I offered I could run it. That has been 5 or more years ago since that happened? Holy fuck, lol! Im excited for more of the "Critical Blob" and Kaiser is right even Greenleo singles would be awesome. Im kinda sad that I missed you guys gaming yesterday, would of loved to play again. We should do that again. Keep on truckin broski!