Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #159 - DOA2 and Chill

Playing some DOA 2 on my Dreamcast and chilling out on a Friday night. Told some of the same stories as last week and didn't realize it until the dramatic climax. It was a good time.

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.


  1. Your high score idea sounds pretty fun, you could pick an old NES shoot em up or something and mention it on your next podcast and then be like, by "THIS DATE IN THE FUTURE" you have to submit it to the show. I think everyone could abide by the honor system, but people could also take pics or make videos and send them in to you.

    Knowing that I'd be competing in the same league as Vintage Video Game Geek would be the thrill of a life time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think playing Mame while chilling and having some snacks sounds cool. Im gonna work towards that MAGGFEST 2017 goal. I understand your frustration with video producing, those technical problems stand often in the way of me getting more videos done. Hopefully you can resolve your video editing issue, Id really like to see that Suikoden video one of these days. Why dont you try your hand on a Lets Play? I remember that zombie game set in an office LP, and enjoyed the hell out of it. LPs are pretty easy to produce, and they are good filler. You could make it one of those semi LP/Podcasts ones, I think it would be awesome to watch/listen. I want to get an arcade stick one of these days. Got a Logitech gamepad and a Thrustmaster (lolzy name for sure ;) ) Flightstick. A Arcadestick would be a nice addition, plus it would be great with Mame roms for sure. I felt TCR has been regular, and I have been enjoying it. I have been struggeling to keep Beastcast regular, and you have been doing way better them me when it comes with a continuous schedule. Thanks for the kind words for TNR broski, I feel we all making the website great. By the way, this site is one of the biggest sites TNR gets traffic from, thanks man. By the way I checked out that new Doom boxart and it was horribly generic. Ive seen parodies, where they just change the title with Halo or Call of Duty, and you cant even see a difference. The Doom games used to have great boxart made by the best illustrators. One of the real bad sides of modern gaming. Good episode man, rock on!

  3. PS: The highscore game would be fun, just like the old days of TCR. I would be up for it. I think Honor system would work, or as Deathadder said, a short video or pic.