Monday, December 21, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #154 - The Blackwell Frustration

With Christmas on it's way, it's time for a point and click special!

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.


  1. 1. I was on a wild roller coaster of emotions with this one. I enjoyed your perspective on the Blackwell games.

    2. I'm still not sold on Steam doing anything useful with their SteamOS. There have been several benchmark tests and their performance is really bad compared to a Windows based OS thanks to Linux not having the proper drivers to DirectX. It'll never be better than Windows because of that, even though Linux doesn't have the input buffer that is as prevalent as Windows does. Just for a small example, Final Fantasy 14 runs 50% slower on SteamOS, big performance difference and a popular game to boot.

    There just isn't enough android ports yet to make SteamOS a thing.

    3. Why don't you use your monthly budget and do a payment plan for a SteamBox? I'm sure BestBuy or some online retailer does monthly installments based on your credit. Just a thought since you are concerned about the build and want it mostly for a gaming rig. Would be a 'sink-or-swim' moment for your hopes on the machine.

    4. Every podcast I enjoy, I preserve in case the author loses their files or purposefully deletes. I've been burned too many times by allowing content creators to have full sway over their stuff. That is how the bonus podcasts were sent to you, the ones that were never labeled as TCRs. Plus, my vanity couldn't allow for TCR 130, the most important podcast to go missing. That one is with me, for you listeners. :p

    5.Merry Christmas. Expect coal for your Steam powered car, har har har!

  2. I have been working on a new RPG maker project while listening to this, very cool episode, thanks for making it. I know live is pretty hectic for you now, so I highly appreciate it making it for us. I am going to talk about the new Star Wars and Star Trek films, as I have seen the first, and got some opinions on the other. I consider myself a huge Star Wars fan and a "Trekkie". I enjoyed your musical choices for this episode. Have you thought about getting a used rig? There might be some good deals out there. Just an idea. Anyway thanks for this sweet episode man, the new issue of the Beastcast will be released by Beast Comics soon, ;).