Monday, December 7, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio 152: Dip Dip Dip

Another day, another dolla. Let's get to work!

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.


  1. 1.Many thanks for playing that intro I made for the tribute, CF-san. It was funny hearing the back to back comments I made two weeks apart because it made it sound like I was desperate to be recognized for that intro bit. Good stuff.

    2.Just so fans of the Dead Multi Society are aware, I have been recording segments of the events and uploaded the least offensive ones onto my YouTube channel. I have pieces of Booster Trooper, Zero Gear, and Madballs from the last two weeks I've put up events for the group page.

    3.Lately I've been looking at Steam-db to see the most dead of multiplayer games to try and find some events to put up on Saturdays. When you made the call for Guncraft events, I decided to put up the torch to make it a weekly thing for playing dead games. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is for next week and Kaiser is doing Winter Slam 2015 around the 18-20th weekend. The struggle is trying to find games you guys have because it is rare for anyone but us to show up on Saturday. TomcatX graced us with his presence for Zero Gear, so that was cool.

    4. I played the Medieval Total War game a lot. The thing I noticed the most about the game was it half attempted to be an RPG while mostly being a rock-paper-scissors strategy game. The game lost it's appeal once I figured that out. There are slight stat differences between the different nations, but none of them were major factors in winning a fight. Have two archer teams per foot soldier and cavalry, win every fight.

    5. I remember diplomacy being quite the joke in Medieval. Against players it meant nothing and against bots it was very easy to manipulate once you read the manual. Blindly in game, it is almost impossible to figure out, so I recommend reading the PDF that comes with the game.

  2. I am happy that DMS is again going, I made a AVP 2000 coop event. I am thinking of doing some other ones too.

    I played some of the first Rome Total War and some multiplayer in Shogun 2 Total War and I enjoyed both. I will probably play more Shogun in the future to get better at the game. The combat has somewhat of a learning curve but once you know the basics its a fun challenge.

    Deathadders podcast was fun, almost all members of TNR have got a podcast, or have been part of one. Good times for sure.

    And here is my question of the week: Are there oldschool retro games, that didnt get a digital release yet (either on GOG, Steam etc) that you would like to happen soon? For me most of the games have been released, exept maybe a old FPS called ZPC, that had a cool unique look to it. Also maybe Heart of Darkness and Blast Chamber.

  3. Surge wasnt released in Germany, but when I was in the US in College I used to enjoy Vault which I hear was kind of like Surge. I try to stay away from pop tough now days, just not healthy. Altough If I drink some it is usually Coke or Sprite.

  4. Thanks for mentioning my "podcast" on air, also I only sounded out of breathe because I just ate an entire Sara Lee Pound Cake before hand, it is my ritual before making any kind of content. I think I need to get a good pop filter so it doesn't sound like I am constantly pleasuring myself on air.

    Also, good to hear you are slowly building a new master race PC, that would probably help with reviewing more games.