Saturday, September 19, 2015

All Superheroes Must Die

  Four superheroes have been kidnapped, stripped of their powers, and deposited into a deserted town rigged with explosives. Can the heroes save themselves and stop the mastermind behind this plot?
   A microbudget film from writer/director Jason Trost (who also plays the lead hero Charge) All Superheroes Must Die is a superhero movie mixed with Saw.
  Like I said before, this is a very low budget film (according to Wikipedia it had a budget of twenty thousand dollars) so don't expect much when it comes to things like costumes, sets, or special effects. The costumes look a little Halloweeny at times, but much like the film itself, get the job done in a bare bones sort of way.
  I enjoyed Trost's performance as Charge, James Remar's hammy performance as Rickshaw, and Sean Whalen as the henchman Manpower but acting wise these are the only notable performances, as the rest are mediocre (Lucas Till as Cutthroat) to bad (Sophie Merkley as Shadow.)
  Now to the special effects, there are none. The plot conveniently strips the heroes of their powers, so we never get to see anything other then some basic action movie stuff i.e. guns, exposions and, at one point, a flame thrower.
  The working title for this film was Vs, which I would take any day over the cheesey title All Superheroes Must Die, but I guess whoever released this thought All Superheroes Must Die would be more memorable.
  While I did enjoy this movie, I can say I'll always wonder what the film would look like if the production had had more money to work with. I think the idea of putting superheroes up against Jigsaw (or in this case, Rickshaw) is an interesting idea, one that deserves a better movie then this turned out to be.
  This is one of those movies I was following well before its release, I favorited the trailer on YouTube and watched it a bunch of times. In many ways, I enjoyed the trailer more then the final film, though I still think you'll enjoy your time with this if you're an open minded superhero fan who doesn't mind a tiny budget. Recommended. Barely.

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