Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Play X-Com Drinking Game (Part 3)

Commander Beast continues to destroy beer and aliens!

Take a sip of your beer beer everytime when:

-When you are called "commander".
-When a cutscene starts.
-When a soldier misses a shot
-When a soldier is flanked
-When a soldier is critically wounded.
-When a terror mission pops up.
-When you research a new technology.
-When a soldier levels up.
-When a soldier gains a medal
-When you shoot down a UFO

Take a shot or finish your beer when:

-When a soldier dies
-When a soldier is mind controlled
-When a soldier kills an alien (with full HP)with one shot.
-When a Rocket misses.
PS: I mess sometimes up, I know that lol.

Here is the current team in Xcom Enemy within:

Alex Swingle -
Critical Failure -
Gexup -
Glittery Pixey Cat
The Female Red -
Triplethreat -
Cherubic Windigo -
Dani Skywalker -

and your one and only Gaming Beast!!!

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