Friday, March 14, 2014

Rambling Pro Gamer 03 - Oh We Know What You Mean with David Domalain

In this recording of Rambling Pro Gamers, I have a conversation with David Domalain about some tabletop RPGs, as well as share some cool stories going on in the world, and two mini-reviews for some games I enjoyed called El Matador and Bionic Dues. Read the full show notes with silly quotes from the recording in this post.

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Internet friends

There should be a rating system for the level of immersion a Tabletop RPG has

Hand of God/ Handwavium GMs

Vampire YouTube Experiment with fudging dice
Players railroading the game
A Vampire's immortallity is very finite when in a fight

D&D Players are like the goodie bag you find at grocery stores, Vampire players are like a dark coco.

Handling Social Contracts
-The red piece of paper saying, "It triggers me hard."
-This is a good time to get over those things.
-Let Your Rage Guide You

Actual Plays

Is focusing on one system for a begginer GM a good thing?
-GMs are in charge of the Skinner Box. How they are taught to run it can help or hurt the experience.
-Having empathy is a great asset when GM'ing even if you have never played an RPG
-No.1 pro tip: Even though you are in charge of the game, you are not in charge of players.

Allow a game setting to morph

Numenera & and the guide to ultimate handwavium (set the game eons in the future so no one really has a solid foundation of reality.)

Level up systems are weird

Minute 59: Time for some cool stories!!!

Humble Bundle Sega
Alpha Protocol, Typing Of The Dead Overkill, Binary Domain. If you weren't buying a lot of games between 2005-2011, PC Game bundles are where it is at for discounts.

Rockstar Weekend

Sang-Froid: Tales Of Werewolves mini-review
They'll Be No Shelter Here; The Backwoods Are Everywhere In Canada
Excellent Theme, Broken Game.

David has been playing Skyrim to prep for the MMO. Hated It.
TANGENT! Enough with the Familars in RPGs
Percy The Passive Aggressive Wizard
-"I thought I was going to fight some Goblins today, but the Tiger I summoned is doing all the work for me."
-"You would know who I am if I didn't summon other things to do my bidding all the time."

Minute 1:12:31 Vimeo RPG Brigade
-Vimeo is an exclusive resort; "This isn't the trailer park I'm used to on YouTube.'

David is starting a podcast called The Hive Mind
-Awkward Silence

International Gaming Day is April 5th
-Every thing needs a day to recognize it for some reason
-Black people exist. Here is all of February for ya

Season 2 Finale of Misdirected Mark Podcast

1:32:55 Talking about video games
El Matador: Max Payne gameplay in 80s action movies style. 7/10 because of it's difficulty. Story is 9/10 for not following all of the troupes found in 80s action movies while being awesome.

Parents giving them kids ridiculous names
-Races having human last names, but native first names

Bionic Dues: 7/10 Rouge-like mecha game where you try to qwell a Rise Of The Machines uprising (you know, robot rebellion). Limited replayability since it is a race for similar items you get randomized.
-"Robots are my Nazis. I punched my toaster this morning because it had it coming."


  1. What do you call a group of drunk ghosts?... Mentholated Spirits.
    What did the ghost do to the guy who failed to pay his bills?... He repossessed him.
    What did the ghost say at the Nickleback concert?... Boo!
    How did the stand-up comedian know he was performing at a haunted house?... because he had a dead crowd.

  2. Some really great discussions and content, great podcast guys.