Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rambling Pro Gamer 02 - This Is A Very Classy Podcast with the Gaming Beast

In this recording, I ramble with the Gaming Beast about a myriad of topics ranging from Tabletop RPGs to energy weapons, back to audiobooks and Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire. Enjoy.
We doing this PG 14
Talk about Techno
Video game pirating scene
RPG Audio books
Perry Rhodan/Sci Fi Audio Plays
Energy Weapons
Shooting Missiles with Energy Beams
Dawn of the Mobile Suit Gundam
Star Wars: Edge Of the Empire (actual RPG talk, huzzah)
Bucket List wish: Use every D&D Monster in the core book
Hyborian Age (Conan: The Barbarian)
Spellcasters: Your money or your life
I like the concept of drinking Gatorade before casting your spells (mana points)
What characters are we going to play in the Star Wars game?
Sorry, you can't play that species
The costumes were the best part of Star Wars (I don't know about that)
The Star Wars video games
We blew our money on special effects
Han Solo is The Flash
Amalgam: Flash Gordon and The Flash
I want all the toys for my Flash Gordon movie
Bill Cosby's view on toys Final pro tip
We finally give our characters for the game
The Extended Universe Defense

Number of times Shawn swore: 42 Number of times I swore: 4
Podcast is now rated R. Great Job!!!

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