Monday, March 31, 2014

Kaiser and Gaming Beast Set To Direct A Tarl Igot Movie

I'm very excited to announce that Gaming Beast and I pitched an idea to Warner Brothers for a movie based on the Tarl Igot series.  The Tarl Igot series is based on all the Dungeons & Dragon sessions we had years ago.  Warner Brothers hated the idea but after a few drinks we got them to sign an Iron Clad contract to have Gaming Beast and I to direct the film.  The bad news was that we signed for a three movie deal but that's not the bad part, the bad part is that we won't be directing "Tarl Igot 2: Curse of the Donkey" nor "Tarl Igot 3: The Silver Darkness" as they will be directed by Christopher Nolan and Macaulay Culkin.  We are set to film in July 2015 in New Zealand.  We have no producer as of yet but we have our eyes on Lucifer's Lawyer.  Michael Smith is set to be the editor of the film while Critical Failure and his band Greenleo will be doing the soundtrack.  We only have a few actors planned with Jason Biggs playing "The Silver Alchemist" and James Vanderbek playing "Zendoo".  Mark Hamil is also going to be in the film but his role is yet to be confirmed.  Our darling Death Adder is going to be the voice of "God" (AKA The Dungeon Master).  Look forward to seeing a teaser film poster April 1st 2015,   

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