Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MRGR Radio Episode 32 - Retro Game Music Podcast

Welcome to the newest episode of MRGR Radio. A video game music podcast produced by Michael Smith of Michael's Retro Game Reviews.

Download The Episode here (Right Click Save Target As)

Here is the track listing for this Podcast

01 - Devilish - Game Clear
02 - Duck Tails - The Amazon (Retro Corps)
03 - Sparkster - Stage 1-1 1-3
04 - Mega Man - Bright Man (Retro Corps)
05 - Time Lord -  Level 2
06 - Blood Valley - Main Theme (GamingBeast)
Mic Break
07 - Master of Darkness - Intro
08 - Devilish - Stage 7 Ice World
09 - Killer Instinct - Theme
10 - Gex - Credit Music (James Kaiser)
11 - Yun Yangs theme - Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (James Kaiser)
12 - Streets Of Rage 2 - Dreamer (Mark Vd Wijden)
13 - Mega Man - Ending (Retro Corps)
Mic Break
14 - Beverly Hills Cop - main theme
15 - A Prehistoric Tale - Main Theme (Mark Vd Wijden)
16 - Devilish - Intro
17 - Quest 64 - Epona's Home
18 - Final Fantasy X - Spira Unplugged (Chris Winn)
19 - Shenmue - Sedge Flower (Chris Winn)


  1. Really good episode, no problem with the way it was produced at all.

    I have some request for you too:

    Player Select Theme - Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (Arcade)
    Apartment Theme - Hotline Miami (PC)
    Sonic World Theme - Sonic Jam (Sega Saturn)

    1. Thank you glad you enjoyed the podcast :D also thanks for the requests, and nice choice with the Sonic World Theme.

  2. Great Episode man! Loved the music for this episode. Bevery Hills cop is a action-comedy classic, but the Amiga game sucks. Altough as usual the rendition of the Theme is brilliant on the Amiga the gameplay is lackluster, like with many Amiga titles. Still I love the Amiga and it has many classic games! I played a little Master of Darkness and it is definetly one of the better Castlevania rip offs, and feels like it should have been way more popular. I love the turn of century england feel to it, feels like a old Dracula movie with Cristopher Lee. The new Format is great, the sound is crystal clear, length is great and the stuff you had to talk about is great too. Im happy you like the Next Round as you see Ive been working on the look and feel of it. Hit me up on Facebook or Skype if you have time to chat about some design choises and what works and what doesnt. Hope you like the new Logo too.

    1. Thanks glad you liked the podcast. i agree master of darkness is an amazing game and a shame it never became it's own sega series. same here it has a very Dracula movie, Cristopher Lee feel about it. sure thing will hit you up sometime for a chat befor my new job starts ;)

  3. Just listened to this! Thanks for including my requests, man!

  4. The podcast sounds fantastic btw. Listened to Spira Unplugged with my Beats headphones, and it was glorious.

  5. god i love these podcasts, they are brilliant, although i am curious: how can you destroy things in a good way? :)