Friday, August 2, 2019

Beastcast 66 - Captain Marvel VS "Captain Marvel"

I tell you why Shazam is a superior movie to "Captain Marvel". Listen to it here.


  1. 1hr&30min??? I am going to have to stretch out my anal cavity overnight before I even dream of listening to this one. DLing now!

  2. -I was watching Predator and The Running Man the other day and thought about how great it was not to have politics shoved down my throat, it was just Arnold fucking shit up.

    -I saw Ant Man 1 & 2 and didn't really pick up on the politics, I just thought the movies were boring AF.

    -The Marvel movies are a little too jokey, like maybe have a joke every 30 minutes, not be the meat and potatoes of the movie.

    -lol Alex Jones, I love that man, if I was in control of the Marvel Universe, I'd make him The Thing and he'd kill Thanos with a tombstone pile driver.

    -My mash up video game would include a cross-over between, Dead By Daylight, Dragon Ball Z, and King of the Hill, the game would play like Road Rash, until you get off of your motorcycle, then it would turn in to a 2D fighter. The game would have a NUDE mode version that you can toggle in the options. The game disc would be solid gold like the Zelda cart, and the Kollector's Edition would come with a 6 foot tall glass statue of Hank Hill fully nude. It would be an XBOX One exclusive.