Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #175 Old Monitors. Good Times.

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  1. I have only started the first tutorial game in Clickteam, but I enjoy the ease of the system so far. I want to make a small game with it and see how it goes. I will keep you in the know for sure!

    Ive wanted to comment earlier, but I have been kind of down in the dumps lately. However, it was fun catching up with all the TCR goodness, really motivates me to make some Beastcast.

    I like the idea of playing old games on old monitors. I remember when my cousin played Prince of Persia on the C65 on a old black and white commie TV or on the old giant tube. Good times. I hope the entry for the new Greenlight replacement wont be too high, I still want to publish a game there one day (even if it just freeware). I am a bit sad that the Abandonware scene was semi killed by GOG, but it was that scene that helped GOGs popularity. However there are still plenty of odd and weird old games and freeware titles, so it is still there. Abandonia is still active, they even have a pdf magazine.

    I loved the Fighting game wave of the 90s. Mk and SF were the kings of the genre, but I remember also the oddballs like Clayfighter, Primal Rage and others.

    Injustice and MK 9 were newer fighting games I enjoyed. I still wanna get a PS2 for all the fighting games I missed, especsially the Soul Calibur and MK games.

    I think you mentioned Earthbound here or on another podcast, either way you said it didnt "do" it for you. I agree to an extent. I played it through, and while the combat is boring and repetitive, the ending was pretty weird and epic, and they did manage to make something unique. However with all that said it is still overhyped as fuck and does not deserve the astronomical price they ask for the cartridge. I still enjoyed it tough, even with its flaws.

    Question of the week:
    What type of game would you make if you would have the time and money to do it, regardless of scope?

    Keep on truckin man!