Saturday, February 18, 2017

TCR #174 - MAGfest vs PAX South



    It was nice to hear your love for Street Fighter 5, I have not played it and honestly I could never get in to Street Fighter 4, it just felt like I was playing Street Fighter 2 for the 1 billionth time. Hashtag shots fired. I did recently play the newest Killer Instinct and it was the most fun I've had playing a fighter in years, the gameplay, the characters, and the atmosphere were all perfect. I mean where else can you play as a velociraptor fighting a robot man while the announcer screams at you, it's awesome! There is even a RPG style single player mode for when I got tired of getting my ass kicked online.

    I kind of want to get a stick for it but I know that my big ole clumsy Harambre hands are more cut out for gripping a controller. Unfortunately there isn't a proper XBOX One fightpad available until May and choosing the normal XBONE One controller for fighting games is like choosing Dan in Street Fighter.

    Also excellent interview, listening to the gentleman who went to PAX made me feel like I was there, full immersion style. The Switch should be..............interesting.

  2. I enjoys this one imensly as usual.

    I have been playing this old DOS Dungeon Crawler called "Crystals of Arborea". Needed to draw down the map of the cave dungeon on graph paper, so listening to the podcast was perfect as the game does not have music, and very little sound.

    As someone who grew up with fighting games in the 16 bit era, I agree, they were more casual, however I do remember fighting games even back then becoming more complex and more challenging. Weapon Lord comes to mind which was made for competitive and had support to the early Snes Modem MP addon. I have been playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 recently and I can see the differences already and my alltime favorite SF 2 Turbo. I would like to get a fighting stick myself, but I am not sure if I would be that good with it. Would be cool for Mame games tough.

    I really need to check out your MUGEN vids, its awesome you made some, should make some myself too again.

    Man I hope I can make it to Maggfest one of these days, before it becomes really lame.

    When Hemrawc talked about RPG games at PAX, I thought, we should play again man, it has been too long. The last edition of D&D (5E) is pretty sweet, and is much more simplified, I think you will like it. Im really not interested in Pathfinder anymore. Playing or running an RPG at a Con might be cool, I have heard some good and bad stuff. Sadly the only nerd cons in my area is a Anime Con, and I dont think I am Kawai enough, lol. Alot of Microwave Jigglypuff if you know what I mean ;)

    I could not care less for the Switch, it feels like another Gimmick with dated tech, like the Wii and the Wii U. Im fine with my PC at the moment.

    Either way its sweet that you are active again broski!

    PS: Question of the week:
    Swingle our great Bundlepope gave me Clickteam Fusion, and I like the engine so far. Have you tried it what do you think?