Monday, May 9, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #168 - Mighty No 168

This week on the show, the Nintendo NX, Mighty No 9, Jim Sterling defeats the YouTube copyright system. All this and more this week on TCR!

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  1. #1: Future Proofing: Crysis 3: To be fair, programmers have gotten lazy due to hardware being at the level it is today. That game in particular was widely known on release to have god awful shader instruction sets to the point that 40% of the data processed on a GPU was shadows you couldn't see. Not off the HUD visual, but in different sections of the same map you had no chance of seeing until minutes later. That game along with the other Crysis games should be on a hall of shame list for coded messes, not as a benchmark to test for high quality games.

    Your point is still valid since terrible work ethic for a game and a GPU failing to compensate for bad design is still the GPU's problem. During the 360 era, it was a safe bet that if your PC was the same specs as a 360 or above, you were set since most PC versions of a 360 game had the same limitations. That still may hold true for the PS4 and Xbone, but I still doubt it since Devs haven't been able to max out the resource pool on those machines (that in itself is a debate among nerds since some Devs have but never commercially released software that maximized both consoles yet.)

  2. 1.b: The point being for the last paragraph is the concept of future proofing is limited by inefficient coders on a game by game basis. Pretty much every console proved it to be the case with every 'OMG, dem grafixs be amazing' game release like the Metal Gear Solid series, .etc .etc.

  3. Nintendo is so out of touch, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to put a ad in GamePro for the NX. I love Nintendo as much as the next old sweaty 30-something, because let's face it, Nintendo's main fan base isn't kids anymore, it's old sweaty dudes with a nostalgia boner. I do have some hope that the NX will knock it out of the park, I believe with in the next few weeks we are going to get a good look at Nintendo's future as a company.

    As far as the Wii U goes, I would very much enjoy a one. Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, NES Remix, and Mario Maker all look like a ton of fun. I believe you can even soft mod it to run Gamecube games. It's just too bad they didn't utilize the touch-pad gimmick more though.

    I am mildly excited for Mighty No.9 because if you don't like Mega Man, then you are probably a terrible person. But I'll wait until it's 10 bucks.

  4. Im still saddened that Konami wont be doing triple A games. So no more Castlevania anymore? IT is sad to think of that.

    If Nintendo falls it will be for sure an end of an era. Im guessing they will be bought out by a bigger fish, which saddens me. Nintendo is out of tough with the current market, alot of japanese companies are as Inofune said. I hope they knock it out of the park this time.

    Question of the week:

    -The music was most excellent this episode. Can you send me the links to them?

    Keep on rollin!