Monday, April 20, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio - Back in the Games

Cities Skylines, Morrowind, Zelda Links Awakening and more. Tiger Claw Radio returns with a bang!

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  1. Great podcast as usual bro, glad to have you back. I enjoy the new recorded voiceovers and intro. I changed my intro too, things are cool to change up at times. I wish we could have met more and game, but as I told you got a job too right now, and I need to go early to bed. Either way hit me up on Steam, we can figure something out. Im happy you got some Morrowind action going, as you know I like that game alot. Mods are still being made to this day which says alot about the games succsess. I need to commit and make a video about my old Morrowind save, would be fun to dust it off. I do play it from time to time. I agree wait with Sky-Shrim until you got a better rig, its worht the wait, I did the same. You got Oblivion right? Got any time in that? I remember when Links Awakening came out. I wanted it really bad, but we would usually rather buy a new game for the current system, then buy a Gameboy. I dont regret it, but it would of been really awesome. I would oogle at it in the supermarket, loving the box design and such. I remember I did have a Gauntlet Tiger handheld and enjoyed it alot, but it was no Gameboy. I did manage to play my friends and classmate Gameboy, Super Mario Land 2 was dope. I remember the first adds for the Wario one. It was a magical time, and I agree that time wont come again, as with age comes wisdom and we are more shielded from marketing hype and such. One of the most vivid memories like this was the Trailers for the first wave of movies based on videogames. Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. I hated Double Dragon, and disliked SMB, but I wanted to like it. The effects looked cool at time, but even back then I wanted a tradional Mario. I never liked it, exept maybe the Bomb Bomb scene. Still Street Fighter was great especsially back then. I never thought it would happen. Street Fighter was big back then. I mean EVERYBODY played it. We got the Snes not with SMW but with Street Fighter 2 Turbo (we waited a bit, and it was worth it as SF2T was amazing). Seeing Ryu, Ken, M Bison, Chun Li etc in live action was unreal. I liked Van Damme, it was cool to see him as Guile. There were problems, but for me back then it was amazing! I loved the movie, I like today still, even if its dated, but not as much as when it came out. When the Mortal Kombat trailer hit, it blew the hype from SF away. And it did deliver. It was so thrilling to see this, a true joy and wonder only child can expirence. It was great times. I know its been a megatangent, but I really enjoyed this topic man. Well done, keep up the good work. Tigerclaw forever! :)