Monday, April 27, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #139 - Dragon Warrior Grind

This week, the original Dragon Warrior explained, Ice Hockey, Joey Spector and the WWE tough enough competition and a whole lot more.


  1. Hey CF good to have you back, I've missed the sounds your smooth jazz like voice and coffee consumption. Other than a couple of years in the mid-90's when I was a hockey fan, I've never really been a “sports guy” but I've enjoyed a lot of 8 & 16-bit sports titles, Blades of Steel, Mini-Putt, Mutant League Hockey, Mutant League Football, NBA Jam, Arch Rivals, and while I can't think of a certain game in particular for the sport, just about any old NES baseball game is a good time. It was when sports games became like their real life counter part (slow, overly complicated, and BORING) that I stopped playing them. If I had to pick an all time favorite though, I'd go with Mutant League Hockey!!


  2. I agree, oldschool PC and console RPG's were very different then they were now. Alot of younger people dont understand, the grind was the game. They call these type of D&D or roleplayers, either Hack'n Slashers or Murder Hobos. Powergamers are people who try to make theyre character as powerfull as possible through min-maxing and even cheating (seeing what they can get away with). Where as in Min Maxers, just usually minmax their characters to make them most efficient at combat, magic, stealth etc. Im not a sportsgame fan either, but I loved NES World Cup and some other 8 and 16 bit sports gems, many which Deathadder mentioned. NBA Jam Tournament Edition is probably still my favorite basketball game ever. Understanding now on how the Steam mod money situation is going. I agree now it sucks and I hope it goes away. Great podcast man.

  3. Nightdive is one of those scum shark companies that buy up the rights of the old games and tries to make a buck with their buggy ports. The can go suck some dino balls!