Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Megaman the 1990's Animated Series Season 2 Commentaries by Retrokaiser and Hannu.

Join (TNR's) Retrokaiser and (White Devil Podcast's) Hannu in a collection of commentary madness spanned across four episodes from the second season of Megaman.  (Click "Read More" to see all the links).

To download tracks, just right click and hit "Save As...".
Track #1: Curse of the Lion Men - Download (22.3 MB)
Track #2: Campus Commandos - Download (22.4 MB)
Track #3: Terror of the Seven Seas - Download (22.4 MB)
Track #4: Bro Bots - Download (22.2 MB)
You can find more of Kaiser's stuff right here on the site.
To see Hannu's brilliant stuff, just go to his site right here: http://thehande.wordpress.com/

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