Friday, May 16, 2014

Steam Game Review: Kami (2014)

Kami is a puzzle game that has the player trying to turn a field full of multiple different colors into one solid color in an limited amount of moves. The way you try to clear these colors or patterns is that you have a selection of colors on the bottom of the screen and you click on one of those colors and then click on a color that is different from the one you have picked. Once clicked the panel and all the other ones of that same color that are attached to the one that you clicked will change too.  That is it and there is no story to this game but just classic puzzling action. (Click "Read More" to read the full review after the jump).

It's pretty simple to play but the levels will gradually increase in difficulty (as you'd expect) and it'll get to the point where you'll have to really use your brain to get those puzzles done. While it gets hard it doesn't get cruel as the game has a hint system that gives you a limited amount of points that allow you to buy a hint that'll tell you which panel to click and with what color. Your hint points do recharge after about twelve to twenty-four hours (although I'm not completely sure). The game doesn't punish you for using them which is fine but the one thing I found to be a bit much about the hint system is that you can buy the answer to every turn in a level and that got a bit much as it makes the game way too easy.

Hint system aside the difficulty as a whole isn't bad and you can beat all this game one-hundred percent in a week and you don't need to be a genius to figure them out. The downside is that once you have beaten the levels you will have no interest in replaying the game as there is no replayability. It would be nice to see some expansion packs that gives you new puzzles. Technically there is already one expansion pack called "Premium Levels" and no you don't have to worry about paying extra for it as it is free and is already packed with the latest version of the game.

The graphics in this game are very simple using color grids for the actual game and a white background with pictures of the puzzles in the main menu. The coloring in this game is very good and you'll have a very hard time not knowing which colors are which... Until you get to the stages with black and white tiles with different kinds of stripes on them but even then that's only for one part of the game. The music in this game has an Oriental theme that works well with the origami theme of the game.

Overall this was a pretty fun puzzle game. Do I recommend paying full price for it though? Not really and it is best to wait for it to go on sale for $2 - $3. You could always do what I did and wait for it to come out in a bundle. Well the choice is up to you on how you choose to buy this game but in the end this was a very fun game that will cure you from boredom for a week or two. I'm glad I own this one.
Title: Kami

System: PC
Developer: State of Play Games
Genre: Puzzle
Price: $3.99 (Steam)
Recommended: Yes

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