Friday, January 10, 2014

Action Hero Fighter Session 2 - Power Force II - Get to tha Island!!!

Jujuan Gamboa and Magnum Poundstone battle a force of Superhuman proportions!!!


  1. Previewed the first 2 and a half minutes and laughed my ass off. I'll watch this as an event this week. Looks like the RPG rule set is shaping up really well.

  2. Thanks man this means alot coming from you. The game was heavily inspired by our sessions of Tarl Igot, Spacedicks and Superdicks. Its very silly stuff. Im happy you enjoyed it. Once the game shapes up to a nice point Ill let others DM sessions, and ask for their feedback. It would be awesome if you would DM a game one day. Games go quick with this. This wasa two hour session and we covered an entire story and laughed our asses off.