Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beastcast 40 - Beast of Steel

Talking about Man of Steel and talking about the good and bad points. Is this the dawn of the DC Movieverse? Download and player after the bump!

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  1. Man of Steel Body Count

    "Critics and fans are split down the middle about the new Superman reboot, "Man of Steel," but one thing's for sure: The final battle between Supes and General Zod wreaks absolute havoc on Metropolis.

    A disaster expert named Charles Watson, of Watson Technical Consulting (WTC), went to impressive lengths to calculate the damage their battle would have actually caused, in terms of human and financial loss. According to BuzzFeed, WTC estimates the total cost of the destruction at $2 trillion, with property damage alone accounting for approximately $700 billion, compared to the $55 billion that resulted from 9/11. Even more staggering is that figure doesn't factor in loss of life or the long-term economic impact.

    WTC puts the body count at 129,000, with over 250,000 missing and nearly a million injured." Jenni Miller

  2. It would be sweet if that guy would do the same with Avengers then compare the two. The Avengers actually contained the colleteral damage as much as possible. The fight in Mos was great and epic, but I really think Superman would have attempted to take the fight elsewhere. In Superman 2 (which MoS is basicly a remake) Supes lures the Kryptonians to his Fortress after the realizes the danger for the civilians. He then defeats them without killing them, and takes responsibility for the damage he caused when he was under the influence of red kryptonite. Yes Supes in the new movie was younger and more inexperienced, but the writers forced a situation where he would kill Zod out of desperation. They have never should have done that, there would have been a million ways supes could have defeated Zod without killing him. I did enjoy the movie, but it has some glaring problems, but I hope this will be the first (if somewhat wobbly) step towards a DC Movieverse culminating in a Justice League movie. It did well enough, but they need to make Superman less grimm and brooding, Thats Batman dammit! Not everyone can be Batman! The greateness of JLA is not only the varying Superpowers but the extremely differently personalities. I hope they fix atleast some of the problems in MoS 2 and avoid them in the other Heroes movies. We need to lighten up, Marvel has proven it can work and be provitable!