Monday, December 31, 2012

Beastcast 31 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys & gals! Im talking about my new years resolution, the upcoming JLA movie, and how much I hate Nolan. Episode after the bump!

Download the Episode here.

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  1. Great podcast. thank you for the kind mention and i'm sure 2013 will be your year, even if you dont do everything you plan to do this year aim high and that way you will achieve more. last year i did about 1/3 of what i had planed. superman not relatable lol that's the point because if we could relate to him the magic would not be there and yes films should be escapism. i did like the new superman trailer and just hope the lives up to the trailer.
    I hope for the JLA movie they reboot batman and not use dick grayson from dark rises as it would not work. great podcast and lookforward to the next one.