Thursday, December 13, 2012

MRGR Radio Episode 25 - Retro Game Music Podcast

Welcome to this week's episode of MRGR Radio. A video game music podcast produced by Michael Smith of Michael's Retro Game Reviews.

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Here is the track listing for this weeks Podcast

Track 01 - Super Mario Land 2 -  Star Maze
Track 02 - Bubble Bobble - In Game Music
Track 03 - Knightmare - Amiga Intro
Mic Break
Track 04 - Golden Axe 2 - Castle Gates
Track 05 - Golden Axe 2 Arcade - Stage 4
Mic Break
Track 06 - Mega Man 1 - Wily Fortress
Track 07 - Mega Man 2 - Select Screen
Track 08 - Mega Man 3 - Select Screen
Track 09 - Mega Man 4 - Cossack Fortress 2
Track 10 - Mega Man 5 - Intro
Track 11 - Mega Man 6 - Wily Battle
Mic Break
Track 12 - Batman - Epilogue & Staff Roll
Track 13 - Streets Of Rage 2 - Good Ending

Knightmare: 25th Anniversary Documentary

1 comment:

  1. No worries Michael, its easy to mix up the songs since they have multiple titles. Golden Axe 2 has probably the best soundtrack of the Golden Axe series. The swecond song is from the "Return of Death Adder" right?

    Great Arcade sequel and in my oppinion the epic conclusion of the Golden Axe series. I only know Knightmare from what Spoony did with it, but I would have loved it as a kid, and I still enjoy the concept. It trully is like a D&D game show. Off Course I love probably the Mega Man 3 Select screen music since Mega Man 3 is my personal favorite Mega Man Game (Shadow Man FTW!!!)

    I am happy that Capcom is helping that MM VS SF Fan Project and I hate what Capcom is doing with his Fans. Mega Man Universe would be a no brainer. Mega Man would be the perfect MMO license. And Legends is highly revered its also a shot in the foot.

    They basicly gave up on potentially gave up on a huge revenue. Japanese Companies need a Fan ambassador especsially one for the "West" who tells capcom what it needs to do with its hit franchsies.

    Streets of Rage 2 Good Ending is a great way to end your show. The SOR series brought out the best of the Genesis Mega Drive sound chip. Great Episode man! Merry Christmass!