Sunday, August 6, 2023

Beastcast 68 - Kevin Smith's He-Man is a crime against humanity

I recorded this originally in a drunken state on the 27th of November 2021. Didn't like it that much so I didn't upload it, but here it is. This is after watching the "Part 1" the first 4 episodes of this abomination. Kevin Smith Motu cartoon is awfull woke trash like sadly 99% of todays media. Hope you enjoy, for DOOM!

Listen to it here.



    Your intro doesn’t get enough credit for how based it is.

    I haven’t watched the new He-Man, and as a He-Man Enjoyer since I was a toddler wearing He-Man underwear……….I REFUSE. Fuck you Kevin Smith. I actually had a chance to meet Kevin Smith at a Galaxy Con a couple of years ago, something I’d have done back flips for years ago, but no more.

    Kevin Smith Turdburglar of the Year lol.

    I can’t go too much into detail about who is behind ruining the world these days, because there are some bronies/furries/sonic fans in the extended MondoRoundVerse that probably get offended easily, but you know who is destroying it.

    On a less depressing note, I picked up a Battle Cat & Panthor at Target on clearance last year, there’s some pics of them on my Instagram, I love those toys so much. And the 2002 He-Man was great, I’ve got a couple of those figures too.

    Good to have you back.


    (I’ll try to remember to copy & paste this to YT when it airs over there)

    69 DUDES!!! Uuuuh huuh huh huh, uuuh huh hu huh, huuuuh hu hu, uuuuh huh huu huh, you said 69 uuuuuh huhu hu hu huh….69 huh uuh huh huh huh.

    Yeah, probably going to pass on the new D&D movie, if it came out 10 years ago then maybe I’d watch it, but I’m sure they made all of the dragons trans. That Sophia Lillis is pretty cute though and can GET IT, if you know what I’m talking about muh brutha.

    “Oh King Twqevious, we must save Queen Shaqwiddle from the House of Jemima from the evil white dwarves!” Yeah, going to pass.

    You should read the viewer comments on air. I always enjoy hearing comments on podcasts, just as long as Mecha Menace doesn’t discover your podcast and tanks it with his 80 page comments, then it should only improve the show.

    Anyways man, hold your head up high, we still have all of the entertainment from 2013 and before to enjoy.

    We recently loss the great Pee-wee Herman, “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” is one of my favorite movies and I used to enjoy his Saturday morning show, were you a fan of his at all?

  3. BEASTCAST 70?

    I'm only posting this so Shawn doesn't fall back into another posting coma for 10 years.