Monday, May 28, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #236 - Twisted Metal is an Awesome Game

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  1. I have seen Civ 3 has alot of mods, Civ 2 too. Some are pretty neat. I have mentioned before that I have been playing Alpha Centauri and finished my first game where I tried to do Conquest on the easiest setting. I got to mandatory retirement, but failed, because one faction (The Hive) can build the fasted and eventually swarmed the entire map with cities, even tough I had better military units and nuked the shit out of him. Im gonna try a different faction and victory condition, lets hope it will be different. But yeah those games do have alot of content for sure.

    Twisted Metal is a game, that I only heard of later in life. I have played alot of vehicle combat games like Destruction Derby, Carmageddon, Streets of Sim City and Have a Nice Day. I loved those games, alot of them had split screen multiplayer too. They seemed to have disapeared once FPS games started dominating. I really need tor try the Twisted Metal games.

    Ive got Unreal Gold working on my GOG account. Took some work but it was worth it. Fun FPS so far, but I get that "labyrinthian" comment. Lets see if Ill finish it.