Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Next Round Podcast 18 - Explosive STD Remix

We talk about the 3 games we were assigned by Steam Roulette, the latest bundle sales for PC games, and talk to the GamingBeast82 who is on a mission from God.

Ending song: NONE!

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)


  1. This was a good episode guys, and thanks Swingle for including me in this.Magic Sword is a fun game, Id love to play with you guys one day. Avaadon is from the same guy who made Avernum, I like the game but yeah its target is more fans of pen and paper games. It was also made for Windows 95 systems and macs back in the day. I think I will like it, but it is not for everyone for sure. Im exited for the picks for me, Im back now and I want to be most definietly on the next TNR!

  2. By the way was grinding in Grim Dawn, it is most definietly a good Diablo-esque game.