Monday, May 18, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #142 - Harvester, Zelda 2 and More

This week: Discussing PC greats and not-so-greats like Harvester, and classic side scrolling action RPGs.

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  1. I got Harvester when you recommended it too me. I loved those B movies, and I do enjoy B games so to speak of the "so bad its good category". I often play them for the lolz factor alone. The Amiga and C64 has tons such games, that is why I will review more games on that plattform. Im happy GOG is devloping Galaxy in order to further compete with Steam. Its still very basic, but game tracking works, altough its anoying you can only add friends when those friends post in the Forum or Wishlist section. Im sure friend searching will be added soon. What I really want is stable good quality multiplayer for older games like they did for AVP. Faxanadu and Battle of Olympus are great examples of the sidescrolling Action Adventure, but I still like Zelda 2. To be fair tough I almost finished legit Faxanadu (no safestates, only the inbuilt codes) and got far in Battle of Olympus. My brother finished Battle of Olympus, and altough he got far in Zelda 2 he couldnt finish it either. Have you tried opening the PC case up and vacuming the dust out? It can help alot. I am happy you are enjoying the game. I got a C&C collection, there is a more complete one at my local electronics shop. I dont want to buy Origin games either myself. I have heard of Hunter Hunted, but thats pretty much it. Looks cool, I want to play this now too. Age of Empires was one of the first PC games ever, and the first one we needed to use Direct X. I wish I had my first computer, then I could run Conquest Earth a fun RTS I adored when I was a kid. I got that instead of StarCraft, lol. Talk about banking on the wrong horse. Then that year alone (1997?) it was RTS games everywhere. I agree Kaiser did a great job with the TCR inspired Kaiserkast. And he should definitely do a music podcast. We need to watch more Deathadder83! You did read my comment on a previous episode. I had a C&C Red Alert CD with custom levels, save games and tools to manipulate the ini files of the units. I remember seeing those "mod CDs" for Duke Nukem 3d, Doom and Quake. It was an early attempt at trying to exploit the mod community. To be fair, I dont think I had access to internet and it was kind of my first forray into modding (altough I would count the Barney Dinosaur Doom Wad, was the first mod I saw in action and the Half Life modding days was my first true forray into modding.). I have learned alot of about Computers just by having a and maintainting a PC. I can fix alot of minor problems myself, or I can figure out how to do it. You needed to learn a command prompt for C64 or DOS just to run a game. I think there is a place for open source software vs sold software. I rather have that all software become royalty free in the timespan of 10 to 25 years. I am all for games and software being saved for future generations to enjoy. If City of Heroes would have become free, the fans could have continued to run the servers. I think most people think of their own greed vs the good of the general public. Many games have bceome legally freeware, or were it from day one. It is an interesting question about as you said Computer-Ethics. Great episode man, great job!