Monday, April 16, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #230 - Basement Programmers Rule the World

I sat down and put this together after recording two hours for the Monstercast. What resulted what a really honest and surprisingly strong episode of TCR. Enjoy

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  1. Ill probably check out some romhacks. There are many where they convert the entire game into a new game. It is cool, that people are making them. I gotta check out VG music, I thought that last song was a song you made with famitracker and haven't released yet. Maniac Mansion is a great game. I hear Thumbleweed Park is a spiritual sequel. For the most part I wanna play a game on the original hardware, like PC RPG's on PC. Altough some certain CRPG's do look better on the NES and Snes, and also play easier. I can feel with the Amiga virus story. My cousin had viruses on his Amiga games, and tried to remove them with a virus removal program. Sometimes it helped sometimes it didn't. I remember his Amiga copy had a glitch where Sonjas legs were a pixel mess, because of the virus. I really need to play some Amiga games on the emulator.

    Question of the Beast:
    What oldschool computer would you add to your gaming collection if you would have the money and the knowhow? I would probably get a C64 and/or a Amiga 500, altough a ZX Spextrum might be neat. Then I would have to get an old tube TV for it. Just seeing that C64 startup on a TV like that might be worth getting it. Maybe one day.

    For the Deathmug of Doom broski, Im rooting for you too! :)