Thursday, October 24, 2019

DASS 64: Unnecessary But Enjoyable


  1. I really need to catch up with the episodes. Once I do I will give my opinion about M/F/K. Killer instinct was a favorite of mine, the most 90s game. I mean Mutants, Dinosaurs, Ninjas aaand Cyborgs? Doesnt get more 90s then that, lol. Ive been fucking around with Mugen, and its been fun again adding fighters and seeing them all fight for me, like I would be some Roman Emperor. Either way great episode TNR-broski! For the Deathmug of DOOOOM!!!

  2. Oh crap, I didn't think to check for comments here. No worries on missing some episodes, I can't expect every single person to catch every single episode. If you catch one and want to chime in, go for it. If you are playing catch up though, maybe comment on the most recent episode so I don't botch it.

    <3 DA83