Monday, October 30, 2017

DASS 26: Atomic Orange Owl


  1. More like a Level 31 TryHard!

    2. Prebuilt PCs aren't terrible if you know what you are getting into, which most people don't. I prefer silence with computers since I often have one running for 10 hours a day. Because of that, I need to make custom PCs. With your wife-induced shamed gaming lifestyle, you might be better off with a gaming laptop due to those focusing on sound and performance. Would make it easier to play late at night, at least.

    To finish my initial thought; it isn't hard at all to build a PC, but you will learn to fear and respect God as you are taught how easy it is to damage electronics. Then as you build a PC, you will see how easy it is to not damage your hardware. I agree that there is too much misinformation out there, but Newegg has several tutorials on how to build a PC that are more than acceptable to get you on the right path. You still probably won't need to build a PC.

  2. Swingle is good with PC building, but I can help you too to build a PC. I used a site where you can choose the parts and the operating system, and they will assemble it for you and then send it too you. If you do it right you can do it for a good price. Even tough Swingle recommends a laptop, I would recommend a Tower for you, simpy put more bang for your buck. I will find a site and assemble a good PC, so all you need is too basically pay for it, and they will send it too you. I helped Jerry with that too. It would also help if you can give me an estimated budget that you can use. You can save alot of money. Only thing I would look out for is getting the right OS, I would recommend you Windows 7.

    My 3 favorite Horror movies are:
    -Alien (1979)
    -Phantasm (1979)
    -eXistenZ (1999)

    There are many more, but these are the ones that pop into my mind. It is kind of hard question, since there are many ways for me to enjoy a horror movie:
    -is it actually legit scary?
    -Is the Monster, setting, story cool?
    -Are the effects great?
    -Is it a cheesy romp? (so bad its good)
    -Does it make you think etc.

    But yeah, I will right those 3 for now, I might need to make a Beastcast and talk about Horror movies in general.

    Beast Question of Doom:
    If you had the budget to make a Horror movie, what would it be like?

    PS: Happy Halloween!

  3. (most likely a strictly off air comment to THE GAMING BEAST)

    Happy Halloween! Don't play with my emotions, I will go out and buy a 5 pound tub of Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme from Costco tonight if there is a Beast Cast in the near future! Alien is awesome.