Saturday, September 2, 2017

DASS XX: Nintendo Fan Boy


  1. It's NOT...a GAME!!! Still one of my favorite intros to a song. By the way, holy hell, my butt is still recovering from 19 and you release this?

  2. Enjoyed the road trip to the shadow realm.

    DJ thumper wont allow me to experience the pedigree. He wants only himself to be able to have is head between your legs.

    Thought about getting a 2ds but never pulled the trigger. I just couldn't help thinking the whole thing will be useless when Nintendo inevitably kills the online features like they did with the DS and Wii, (Which, mark my words, they will).

    @Alex Swingle - Raspberry Pi is over priced? How much do you think those actually cost? The Pi is 35 bucks (usually 38 or so) plus 5 bucks for a case and 5 bucks for an SD card. As far as the technical knowledge stuff is concerned, that's what RetroPi is invented for. The entire operating system IS the emulator. I dont know. I did it and it seemed super simple to me.

    Good show homie. Awesome to see you went weekly. Keep it up.

  3. Dear Mr. Death Adder, as your biggest fan I have been using your Death Adder handle as my username, but my real name is Tyris La Toya Flare, but you can just call me La Toya big boy. Congrats on hitting the big XX in number of shows, as the superest of Super Fans I encourage you to hit XXX before retiring.

    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Would you rather stick your face in a baby’s diaper who just ate entire can of chili and ghost peppers, or have to sit is a small room with PAT The NES Punk for 5 minutes without nose plugs?