Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DASS 24: Dreamcast, F13 1-6 Micro Reviews, My @$$ Hurts


  1. 1. Don't you lie to us, girlfriend. We know you mental. What is equally known is your desire for backdoor pleasures. But seriously, god damn that is a nasty way to try and solve an eye infection. Have you've tried eating something other than a 24 pack of beer, 16 flapjacks, and 5 gallons of maple syrup every day? An infection for that long is diet induced and I'm not even saying that with my Voodoo Doctor hat on.

    2.How dare you say those codes were free! I paid the extremely high price of 15-35 cents for each of the 20 games I sent your way. They also just so happen to be extra codes of games I already have. Either way, Marc the DickLover, will blow you off the field with her powerful lungs and mouth. Besides the blowjob joke, she uses a rocket launcher to KO people from afar. Kaiser will be most pleased you have The Juice and merriment shall ensue.

    3. For old time's sake, please play a videogame while recording a segment. And make the sound loud enough for your phone to pick up the clacks and TV volume. Almost two years of blue balls is painful. It doesn't have to be now, but sometime in 2017 would be most appreciated.

    4. Now that we know Daisy pilots the Bojo-5, does Hibachi have it's own mecha suit? Do you have your own Megazord that Garbage commands with two other hobo cats? The revealed mysteries only reveal more mysteries!

    5. Finally, what would be the premise for our fanfiction? I'm guessing it'll be themed around forbidden love. I'll set the scene for how I think it would be written: A strong, extremely handsome, and turgid, DeathAdder gets off a plane with his wife The Gelatinous Cube, and are greeted by the Hawaiian sunset. As DeathAdder observes the pristine beauty of the island, he notices Swingle coming out of the ocean. Wearing a Hula skirt adorn with lais and several coconut necklaces, DeathAdder is almost mesmerized until The Cube swallows him whole and carries him off to the hotel. It won't be the last time he sees that fine pearl, that is for sure.

  2. I have been catching up with your recent podcasts, and commented on them.

    I have also been catching up on alot of shlasher movies, since I missed out on most on them, since my mom would never allow me watching them. I watched some seceretly tough good times. Yeah I have been on a Jason kick myself and watched almost all of them, only missing Jason VS Freddy (and also watched almost all Elm Street movies too). I would recommend the Halloween movies, altough skip the third one. There are many more to recommend but I will save that for the audio comment (yes its coming, prepare yourself! ;) ).

    That Vodoo chicks sounded hilarious. Those new age types can be really weird and lolzy #thecringeisreal #thefifthdimensionofcringe #whodoyouvoodoobitch

    Ill get 100% Orange Juice installed right away. Then the games can commence!

    Question of the Beast:
    What kind of PC or console RPG's do or did you enjoy? Do you like them at all?