Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DASS 22: Get Woke


  1. You truly do live an extraordinary lifestyle Mr. Adder, I googled your home address using your real name of Doug Duberstein and the Google Maps shows you giving a Stone Cold Stunner to an alligator while drinking a 6 pack of Icehouse all at once just like in the Coneheads!

    Just wrapping up the show, and as a trans albino conjoined twin vegan who identifies as a pirate, I am highly offended by the waifu question. But I will begrudgingly answer your question, for me it has to be the 3rd on screen Terminator machine from Robocop vs Terminator on the Sega Genesis, I've always had a sex fantasy about getting pounded by a gang of Terminator machines.

    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How did you not know that the actress’s name who played Rita Repulsa was Elizabeth Banks? You even said to yourself when she was cast as Rita that you thought she would be a good fit due to similar cheekbone structure. Get it together man!

  2. Even I'm disgusted with the answer I'm about to give. I don't have a videogame waifu. Sure, there are plenty of ladies I would rapidly smash X on. None of them I'm really obsessed with. Like the last time I ever looked up a specific character was during high school just to see if Lara Croft images existed. To my surprise, there were.

    All I want is fair skin, no obvious diseases, and medium to large boobs. Turns out, almost all female models in videogames provide such qualities. It's the Swinger's life for me in the sea of vidja games.

  3. I had a thing for Chun Li back in the day, but agreed Cammy is great especially Kyle as Cammy. Van Damme tapped that back then. So yeah Guile tapped Cammy.

    Zero suit Samus and Samus Aran in General. Blaze from Streets of Rage is another favorite and so is Hitomi from DOA. If I would have to choose one, I would go with Blaze.