Friday, January 27, 2017

DASS 11: Death Adder's Adventures Throughout Time And Space To Walmart Hyper Ultra Swingle Monster Combo

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  1. This was one of my favorite episodes yet! I understand that people need a brake from content creation man. Even tough I have returned I kinda fell back into a rut. However this episode and in general my NextRound homies motivate me to come doing shit. Ill work on something today probably a beastcast! We can record quite well via Skype, Ill handle the tech shit for sure. Speaking of tech shit, Mame is really cool, altough the interface is kind of clunky. I can help you with it one of these days, since playing arcade Rom is like the shit. There are different versions of Mame, some that have a simpler interface I might check it out myself. Im also excited CF is returning with TCR. All the bros are coming back with the casts! I feel honored that you would return with the Death Adder Wrestling show just for me #mademyday. Saints Row the Third was a blast, enjoyed it also in multiplayer with Kaiser, great times, even LPed it with him. Need to get into SR4. There is many PC games you can play, including emulators, freeware games, and indie games that should work fine on your laptop. Hit me up and I can throw you some suggestions. Also I enjoyed the timetravel/DrWho theme of the episode. Gotta get back in time! The TNR crew is probably more like Bill and Ted Excelent Adventure. Killer Instinct was great too, the game is a product of the 90s. I would love to play the new one, even though I hate the nickel and dime shit. They got Rash from Battletoads in that. That is fucking sweet. I liked Jago as a kid since he was a Ninja, but Fulgore, Sabrewolf and TJ Combo were great too. Your impression was great too. Im glad you checked out Supergirl, the show gets better, and they have a huge crossover with all the DC shows (except Gotham, thank god!) and its really sweet and based on a old crossover event. Its basically the TV Justice Leage, and the even meet up in the HALL OF JUSTICE!!! DC Legends of Tomorrow is also great, and has some episodes with a Jonah Hex who is badass. IF they ever have Lobo on those show it would be sweet. Atleast I hope since the shows are pretty PG 13. Probably he would work better as a Justice League Movie villain/anti-Hero. What do you think of the Injustice 2 Trailers and character announcements? Anyway here is your fellow Beasian question of the week: "Who should play Lobo in the DC cinematic Universe if the ever bring him in?" For the Deathmug of DOOOOM!!