Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DASS 8: Dark Souls II, Banjo-Kazooie, CM Punk UFC Fight


  1. 35:00 - "What was that song? Sounded like they said 'Floss or else we'll

    pause it.'

    You got jobbed on that fiver.

  2. Hang Song by Cosmos 70, it was in The Crew so I thought it was appropriate to toss in, I don't understand a fucking word of it, I just love how spooky it sounds.

    A Phantom

    I The Darkness

    In the mournful vaults of fathomless gloom
    To which Fate has already banished me,
    Where a bright, rosy beam never enters;
    Where, alone with Night, that sullen hostess,

    I'm like a painter whom a mocking God
    Condemns to paint, alas! upon darkness;
    Where, a cook with a woeful appetite,
    I boil and I eat my own heart;

    At times there shines, and lengthens, and broadens
    A specter made of grace and of splendor;
    By its dreamy, oriental manner,

    When it attains its full stature,
    I recognize my lovely visitor;
    It's She! dark and yet luminous.

  3. I love the Death Adder Wrestling Federation, and I do hope you continue it. Seriously I think it is freaking sweet, and I would love to see individual fights and crossovers (TNR VS MC). Great episode broski!