Friday, May 13, 2016

DASS 6: Heavy Breathing, XB1, Bats V Supes, Kale Thief


  1. Holy shit, I think I just got the first case of AIDS via audio.

    0/10 would cringe in boredom again.

  2. As a devout follower of Death Adder, I wish to renew your strength be reassuring I listened to the last recording and had nothing to add in this here comment section. I'm still in the process of listening to this one.

  3. Dear Alex Swingle, as a valued customer, we here at The Death Adder Super Show would like to apologize for the quality of this episode. If you print out the thumbnail of the episode and write "Proof of Purchase" on it and mail it to the address below, you will receive a full refund of $25.00.

    Death Adder CEO

    Death Adder Super Show
    PO Box 963
    NY, NY 10108

  4. There is definitely really cool things about BvS and that Wonder Woman moment in the final fight was really sweet, still my reaction is still pretty mixed. I do hope Warner/DC gets their shit together.

    It is sad that Chyna passed away. I only knew her from some reality shows, but I am curious to see some of her wrestling. She has struggled with addiction for a long time. I hope she is at peace now.

    I am curious what your thoughts on "Captain America: Civil War" is. I enjoyed it alot.

    I remember having some dorky usernames way back, like Werwolf. I switched fast to Darabka and Gamingbeast.

    Here is the question of the week:

    -Have you seen the DCU TV shows like Flash, Arrow, Supergirl or DC's Legends of Tomorrow? I have been enjoying those.

    Great episode man, keep em comin!

    Gamingbeast out!

  5. 1.Hey DeathAdder, I'm working on my doctorate on Burgerrider and it just dawned on me that Burgerrider has no videos of him reviewing a burger. Did he previously do some before he purged his channel? Would be pretty scandalous to be called that without at least talking about fast food like that.

    2. Considering you've made noise about collectible card games on some of my videos, what card games did you play before you became a grown ass man? Do you still pine for those days of playing card games or do you not see yourself playing in that format regardless if something cool came out?